Saturday, October 20, 2007

WORLD CHAMPIONS - the happiest little Springbokkie ever

It was a tense night but at the final whistle, the William Web Ellis Trophy is returning to African pastures.

2007 oct 20 out and about img_6143 (by Dave Reinhardt)
An emotional moment as captain John Smit and Teddybok meet eye-to-eye, Springbok to Springbok.

2007 oct 20 out and about img_6145 (by Dave Reinhardt)
John Smit receives the trophy from Sarkozy

2007 oct 20 out and about img_6155 (by Dave Reinhardt)
SA Pres Thabo Mbeki hoists the trophy high

2007 oct 20 out and about img_6151 (by Dave Reinhardt)
Percy Montgomery gets some face time with the Willie Web Ellis Trophy

2007 oct 20 out and about img_6133 (by Dave Reinhardt)
During the anthems, the seriousness of the occasion is not lost on us.


Youssouf said...

Must have been exciting.. Pity you were not in S.A. or Paris at that time.

Anonymous said...

I have just added this post to digg :)

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