Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A touch of Moorish influence

Before the Christian takeover of Portugal, this place was run by the Moors.

2007 jun 06 algarve img_3276 (by Dave Reinhardt)2007 jun 06 algarve img_3282 (by Dave Reinhardt)

The Castelo de Mouros (Castle of the Moors) is located on the top of the hill. It occupies ca. 12,000 m2. Archaeological excavations have shown that the oldest buildings go back to the 8th century, the stratigraphy is almost 6 m deep and contains Iron Age remains as well. The walls are built of red sandstone (grés des Silves) with a pisé-core and have been heavily restored in the 1940s. Protruding towers of albarra-type protect the Northern slope. After the Christian conquest, the castle served as the seat of the alcaide-mor (provincial governor) till the middle of the 16th century, afterwards the towers were used as a prison.

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Youssouf said...

That looks like an exciting place! I'd love to go there. Quite an impressive castle.